Acu Sprout Podcast Review

acu sprout review

Name of the Podcast

Acu Sprout Podcast by Stacey Whitcomb


If you are still an acupuncture school student or just start your practice, you can’t miss Stacey’s Acu Sprout podcast. 

She shares many crucial aspects of how to run a success business, accounting, website, insurance, and much more. 

If you are practicing for a while, you will still find her podcasts insightful. While listening to her podcasts, you can review your current practice. Is there some area you overlooked in the past? It is never too late to have a makeover.  


  • Acu Sprout is a biweekly (occasionally monthly) podcast
  • Most episodes last around 30 - 60 minutes
  • Stacey invites accountant, lawyer, other practitioners to share their expertise in how to having a thriving acupuncture practice

What Topics Covered

  • How to set up your practice
    • Accounting
    • Website
    • Insurance billing
    • Legal aspects acupuncturists should be aware of  
  • Mindset of running an acupuncture practice
  • Difference between having your practice and joining someone else’s 

Pros and Cons


  • She is an acupuncturist

She has been through acupuncture school, board exam, building an acupuncture practice.

She is in the same trench as you do. So she understands the business and the challenges. 


  • She brings life experiences to acupuncture clinic management

Stacey completed a triathlon and she was a massage therapist. She brings those life experiences and wisdom into her acupuncture clinic management.    

You can hear her sharing how her experience guides her with different choices. I found those fascinating and could spark some new thoughts for listeners. 


  • She  has series Mindset Monday podcast

To have a successful practice, you need clarity on your mindset. Stacey has a series Mindset Monday podcasts to help you think through big picture questions, such as vision, perfect patients, annual goal settings. 

These are important questions you need to think through to define you own success. It might take some time, but it is worth it. 

At the same time, you have Stacey as your guide! 

  • She encourages you to find your own success

I’ve encountered some experts who focus on building fully booked and a certain dollar amount practice. Money is very important. You need to make a profit to keep practicing. 

At the same time, what is your true north? Helping patients you enjoy helping and making good profit to support your practice, your life and your family. That’s what Stacey’s products focus on. 

That’s the reason I enjoy her podcast very much.  


  • Her new episode does not come at a fixed schedule

If you are the type of listener who expects a podcaster to publish a new episode on the clock, Acu Sprout might disappoint you on that front. 

Stacy mostly has at least one new episode every month. 

Since what she shares is mindset and big picture thinking, maybe you should re-listen to her old episodes and nail down all the planning and execution while waiting for the new one?

  • You might feel overwhelmed by what you need to do

There are many aspects to be taken care of to run a successful acupuncture practice. You might have no clue at all that your website needs to be ADA compliant. You might just learn how complicated it is to accept insurance. Also, the pros and cons of doing so.

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t do everything she covered in every episode. Focus on one thing first. The move on. 

If you wonder which one to pick and you’ve been analysis paralysis, just choose whichever your heart desires. 

Get going. Momentum brings velocity. 


If you are looking for highly specialized podcasts for  new acupuncturists or traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, I did not have any other alternative to suggest.

If you are open to other media such as youtube, below are two acupuncturists’ brainchild. 

  •  6 Figure Acupuncturist by Alyssa Dazet 

Alyssa is an acupuncturist and has a Youtube channel to share her insights on how to build a 6 figure acupuncture practice. 

If you are a visual learner, check out her youtube channel

Her website has free info for you to take a deep look as well. 

  • Acuprosper by Katie Altneu

If you want to podcast, Youtube, and blog, Katie has a great library of everything.  

If you want acupuncture practice coaching and providing digital offering, Katie’s website has plenty of information for you to go over.


I would highly recommend any new acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners listen to Acu Sprout. That podcast makes you feel you are not alone. 

Your struggle is real and makes senses. And Stacey provides her own insights to guide you through the big picture questions. 

Even if you are not ready to tackle everything, start listening and thinking about what you want for your practice.

If you already practice for a while, this is still a good podcast with solid information to review your practice and bring it to the level you want it to be. 



As an avid podcast listener, I listen to 20+ shows in a week. The recommendation above is based on personal experience and preference. I am not affiliated with any of the podcasts, websites and Youtube channels mentioned above.