How to Write a Patient Thank You Letter to Boost Visit and Referral



Why to write a thank you note to your patients

First of all, you might ask why I should write a thank you note to my patients. Indeed, they get healthier because of you. Aren’t they the one who should write a thank you note? You should be the one who receives one! 

Yes, you should. 

Here is the thing.

Did you remember how you felt when you received a hand-written thank you note last time?

That’s the first reason you should write a thank you letter to your patients. Great heartfelt feeling could go a very long way.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is a healing journey that would take time. It is more important to build a relationship with your patients to get to know them better and provide a more personal touch on the diagnosis.

Forming a connection would naturally build a stronger bond between you and your patients. The stronger the bond is, the easier it is to encourage the patient to keep visiting and provide vital information to keep them on the right track to recovery. That would make your work easier as well.

You know healing is not linear. Your patients might know. A little reminder could go a very long way. A thank you note offers encouragement your patients need to keep the commitment with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. 




How much time it would take

You know from the bottom of your heart that a little thank you note works. 

But you don’t have time!

The fact is …

You need three things

  1. A template
  2. The patient list
  3. Block time on your schedule

If you choose handwritten, you can complete 4-5 letters in 15 minutes.

If you choose to use emails, 15 minutes could easily complete 10 personal emails.

You know building relationships is a brick by brick process. Investing in 15 minutes a week is not a huge ask. Block time on your schedule and you got it!


how to write a thank you note


How to write a thank you note


1. Select a medium to reach your patients

Think of your patients. What is the best way to reach them?

  • In person thank you note
  • Snail mail
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Social media direct message

Other than the best way to reach your patients, what medium are you comfortable with? No need to choose a way you feel awkward. 

Since this is to build relationships, the medium needs to work for you too. 

If you don’t mind in person handing over a note, do so. If you prefer technology, do so with patients who are more tech savvy. Your effort will not be in vain.  

2. Build a template as your are talking to one person

You don’t like canned messages. I don’t either. 

You understand a template will help the process and vastly save time. 

Here is my one trick to build a template that works. When you build a template, think of only one person. It could be your favorite patient. Write to that person. 

After you finish writing to that one person, take out the part that does not apply generally to all patients. 

Then, you have a template that you can use to personalize each letter. 

Here is a template you can make it yours.

Dear [patient’s name],

Thank you for starting your healing journey with us. We appreciate you taking the steps to be healthier.

I still remember our first consultation session. You are very determined to be healthier with Traditional Chinese Medicine. See how far you progress in [x amount of time].

[Your practice’s name] appreciates you choosing acupuncture as a vital part of the healing journey. If you can spread the word of mouth on how acupuncture improves your health and invite a friend or family member to visit us, that will help our practice tremendously. 

Best regards,

Dr. Jane 


3. Say thank you because of …

You heard of so many “thank you for choosing our business.” You can definitely do better!

Tie your appreciation with your patients taking initiative to be healthier with your practice. Doing so gives your patients credit to choose you. It centers the spotlight on your patients and decreases the chance of feeling boastful. 

Here is how

  • I appreciate you starting your journey to be healthier with us.
  • Thank you for beginning your healing path here.
  • We are here to help you reset, renew, and recharge. We are glad you are here with us. Thank you.

4. Add something personal to a specific patient

If you want to take the thank you note up to the next level, add something personal to a specific patient you are writing to.

Some ideas of what that could be

  • First time you meet the patient
  • Questions your patient asked
  • Last conversation you have with your patient

Call to Action


5. End with a Call to Action

Do not be shy to ask your patients to help, to give a good review, and to spread the words out for your practices.

What works better to bring new patients to your door than asking your current patients to invite people they know to join the movement. 

Think of one thing you’d like your patient to take action on. It could be

  • Keep coming in to the practice 
  • Invite friends and family to the practice 
  • Leave positive reviews 

Here are a few examples of how to ask nicely, in a not sleazy way. 

  • Please keep visiting us. You are in charge of your health. We are here to keep you on the right track. 
  • Since you experience an improvement of your health with acupuncture, why not invite your friend or family to do the same within this sustainable fashion?
  • As you might know we are growing our practice, it would give us tremendous help if you leave a review on Google/Facebook.

6. Sign off your letter


As a doctor, it is natural to sign off your letter with your full name and title. At the same time, if you would like to be more personal and approachable, or you are practicing with family and children, maybe you can just use your first name.

When to write

You might wonder when to write a thank you note to your patients. Here are a few suggestions.

  • First visit

This is the time to appreciate that they choose acupuncture. Also, it is the best time to gently remind them healing takes time. Human body needs time to get better.

  • Complete a phase of treatment 

When your patient is getting better and ready to stop treatment, this is the best time to reach them and remind them it would greatly help you to leave a positive review or invite a friend.

  • Season changes

Season changes, human body reacts to changes. This is the best time to reach out to previous patients on how Traditional Chinese Medicine or acupuncture could help them with a smooth season transition. 


Take action

Take Action!

With all this information, you are ready to take action and reach out to your patients. Everything takes practice. So does writing a thank you note. Need help? We are here to listen and help. Drop us an email at