4 Benefits of Artwork in Clinic

There are many researches on how artwork would impact patients’ wellbeing. This blog I will focus on three benefits and encourage you to level up clinic decoration, for yourself and your patients. 

artwork sparks conversations


Benefit One: Art inspires conversation and engagement

Have you ever had issues to start a natural conversation with your patients?

Have you ever wondered how to get more information and wellbeing history out of your patients?

Or do you simply need a way to encourage your patients to follow a bit more of traditional Chinese medicine’s practice? 

How about using a piece of artwork? 

Maybe the drawing is a gift from your previous patient. Share the high-level of the lifestyle change of the previous patient. 

Or you have a picture of nature. You can chat about mild hiking is beneficial to lungs.

Maybe you have a five element chart on your wall. Use the chart as a visual aide to guide your patients on the basic principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Or you have a meridian model on your desk. Show your patient where exactly are the acupuncture points you will use and how the points are connected. 

Trust builds on understanding. Conversation builds understanding. Artwork could naturally lead conversations. 

Why not seize the best opportunity to help your patients? 


artwork boosts happiness

Benefit Two: Art boosts practitioners and patients’ happiness

Yes, I am talking about your own happiness. As an acupuncturists and traditional chinese medicine practitioner, your day is busy, intense, and requires you to fully concentrate on the patients. 

Thus, taking good care of yourself first and making yourself feeling calm and happy is the cornerstone to take care of your patients and help them to get healthier. 

Pick a piece of artwork which makes you feel good or give you a peace of mind. 

Or an artwork reminds you why you choose to be on this journey to help people. 

Once you are in your happy place, you can show your patient how it feels. You can lead your patients on the same journey of healing. 


artwork reduces stress

Benefit Three: Art can reduce stress

Visiting a doctor or a practitioner sometimes naturally makes a patient feeling uneasy. Uneasiness, stress, anxiety are not the feelings a patient needs.

How about a piece of artwork on your wall or desk as a positive distraction? As a practitioner or an acupuncturist, you are a human too. You have preference. You like art. Your office is the place to help patients heal. 

Help your patients to notice your human side. Use artwork to decrease the feeling uneasy. Help them to see this is a place for cure. Utilize artwork  as a positive distractor. 


artwork is a self care reminder

Benefit Four: Art is a self care reminder

Have you ever experienced an hectic day and forgot to even take a sip of water? When you notice you are thirsty, your body has already experienced the earliest stage of dehydration.  

Why not use some artwork to remind yourself to take good care of yourself so you can take care of patients? 

Have a piece of artwork as a reminder to 

Take a deep breath

Stretch a bit

Sit or walk a bit

Drink some water

Take your eyes away from screen

Add as many as you need to the self care checklist. Artwork can gracefully remind you to be nice to yourself. Your patients will feel the positive energy from you as well. 

Practice speaks louder than words. No need to get it all “right” or be a perfectionist. After all, it is your clinic, your happiness matters the most. Pick something you like today!