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  • How to get the most out of your acupuncture treatment

    You are about to get your acupuncture treatment. Read this blog to set yourself up for a relaxing experience and get the most out of your treatment. 

  • 5 Occasions for Gift-giving to TCM Practitioners

    Need an occasion to send gifts to your acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners? You are not sure about their birthdays and not certain that’s the best timing. No worries. We have x meaningful occasion for you to express your appreciation. 

  • Unique Gift Guide for Acupuncture Grads

    Need ideas for your acupuncture graduates? We help you brainstorm and also provide 26 ideas for you to chose from.
  • 12 Things to Know before 1st Acupuncture Treatment

    Ready for your first acupuncture treatment? This blog will share 12 things you should know before your visit.
  • 8 Acupuncture Podcasts You can't Miss

    No matter you are an acupuncturist or simply someone who is curious about traditional Chinese medicine, we have 8 great podcasts recommendation. You will find something you love and learn something new!
  • 5 Interior Design Tips for Acupuncture Clinic

    Thinking about interior design for your acupuncture clinic, you might get excited or overwhelmed. This blog shares five big picture tips, which help you reflect and plan, before diving to all nitty gritty details. 

  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Community Acupuncture

    Some of you might hear community acupuncture and wonder what it is and whether it is for you. This blog will focus on community acupuncture and hope you will experience the beauty of it.
  • 4 Benefits of Artwork in Clinic

    Why decorates your acupuncture clinic or Traditional Chinese Medicine practice with artwork? Here are 4 immediate benefits.
  • How long does it take for acupuncture to work?

    Many people are wondering how fast acupuncture works, how long it would be effective, etc. This article will focus on answering these five questions related to time and frequency. 
  • Ultimate Guide to Encourage Patients to Leave Positive Reviews

    Do you know the internet is the number 1 source of information where patients look for information about hospitals and doctors? Surpassing recommendations from friends and family since 2017. Acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, please don't miss the online opportunity! 

  • What to wear for acupuncture?

    No matter if you are heading to a private clinic or community acupuncture, the general rule of thumb is to wear loose fitting clothing, which is easy to roll up to your elbows and knees.
  • 5 steps to write a patient encouragement letter to increase retention rate by 5%

    Email open rate is about 20-30%. Handwritten mail is above 90%. Do you want to bring back your acupuncture patients? Do you want to get fully booked? Here are 5 steps to write encouragement letter to bring them back.