The Wellness Inspired Podcast Review

Wellness Inspired Podcast Review

The podcast is hosted by Sherri Davidson, a licensed acupuncturist and wellness coach. This podcast started in October 2021. The podcast is a mix of interviews and solo shows. Sherri covers a wide variety of topics on well-being. 

Sherri’s engaging, informative, and relaxing way of presenting a wide variety of topics, makes her show one of my favorite well-being podcasts to listen to.    

Name of the Podcast

The Wellness Inspired Podcast by Sherri Davidson. 


If you are interested in well-being, there are many podcasts you can choose from. Why Wellness Inspired? 

Because it is informative but not pushy. 

Because it includes a wide variety of topics, from traveling to financial wellbeing. 

Because it helps you to think about wellbeing from different perspectives. 

Because the host Sherri is encouraging and supportive. 


These are the current stats for the podcast, as of April 2022

  • Total of 12 episodes
  • About two new episodes per month
  • The length of the episode is about 20 minutes to 80 minutes 

What Topics are Covered 

  • Sports, if you love running, the running adventures will be your jam
  • Traveling 
  • Financial Wellness
  • Well-being Lifestyle choices 

Pros and Cons


  • Sherri’s encouraging and understanding way of leading a conversation 

I enjoy Sherri’s podcast because she is very encouraging but not pushy in how she leads the conversation and presents the information. 

Some of the podcast hosts will hammer hard on their way of thoughts and beliefs. It feels like their way is the only way.

That’s NOT what Wellness Inspired is. 

I feel like listening to a great friend sharing useful information and personal stories. 

Nothing like the “ follow this and you will get that” type of talking. 

The podcast is refreshing and encouraging! I feel naturally want to know more and take action.

  • A wide variety of topics and guests

Do you like sports? You got this in Well Inspired. 

Do you love traveling? It is a topic covered. 

Do you like many topics and the podcast host can lead back to wellness? This is the show for you. 


  • If you only want a laser focus on the topic

Although I love a podcast with a wide variety of topics and guests under one main topic, I believe some listeners only want a laser focus on a topic. 

If you are those type of listener, Wellness Inspired might have a bit more variety. 

Maybe you can start and focus on a certain area. Skip the episode that does not pique your interests. So you can still enjoy Sherri’s wealth of knowledge on well-being.

  • If you only like long or short podcasts

If you are a listener who has a strong preference for the length of podcasts, Wellness Inspired also varies a lot in episodes. Some can be as short as 20 minutes. Some conversions might run as long as 80 minutes. 


Below are two podcasts that are hosted by licensed acupuncturists and focus on wellbeing. 




If you want to listen to a wide variety of topics on well-being from a licensed acupuncturist, Sherri Davidson’s encouraging and informative podcast, The Wellness Inspired, is your top choice. 


I have no affiliate relationship with The Wellness Inspired Podcast or Sherri Davidson. 


Wellness Inspired Podcast Review