Simplify Things - July 2023 Newsletter

Simplify Things

As an acupuncture patient, I sometimes encounter practitioners who are eager to tell me everything about my condition and the why.

Once I heard “You don’t need to understand how the electricity works. You can simply enjoy the benefits.” 

That resonates with me. I don’t need to understand qi or meridian. At the same time, I can still enjoy the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. 

If simplifying your message resonates, reply to this email and share your thought. 

Let’s help more people enjoy the benefits of TCM by simplifying the conversations. 


Eastern Health Podcast Highlights

The Holistic-Yogi Podcast

Hosted by Kamala Ingrid

#26 Dr. Juli Kramer | Chinese Medical Nutritional Therapy

Dr. Juli Kramer, Ph D. In Curriculum & Counseling Psychology, holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine Nutritional Therapy and multiple certificates in Chinese Medicine. She is also certified as Qigong Instructor.  She understands the important role of movement and meditation in developing a healthy body and mind.

The Acupuncture Outsider Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Richard Hazel, Doctor of Acupuncture, Licensed Acupuncturist

Do Acupuncture Patients Need Physical Therapy? 

Sometimes patients have not done well even after trying Physical Therapy for their pain.

Once we have gotten them out of pain and restored their mobility, do they really need Physical Therapy? Are we a replacement for Physical Therapy?

ACU-Track: The Acupuncture Research Podcast

#Episode 7: Discussing the evidence-base: Ian Appleyard

Ian Appleyard PhD is the Research & Policy Manager for the British Acupuncture Council. His PhD, Acupuncture and moxibustion for osteoarthritis of the knee: a component analysis approach, was completed in 2018. He has a particular interest in the methodological challenges of researching acupuncture and placebo.

More than the clinic


The Business of Practice

Conference for Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners 

The Business of Practice is presented by Acupuncturists Biz Hub.

The founder of ABH, Mandy Gratzer, has been a practicing Acupuncturist, successful practice owner and mentor to other practitioners for almost two decades.

Ten of Australia’s most successful Acupuncturists and Practice Owners will be sharing their stories and best tips on how to build and run a heart-centred successful practice!