Unboxing Remedies on Point R&R Tincture

I had never used a Chinese herbal medicine tincture before until I found Remedies on Point. Sara Kay Lohmeyer’s creation of R&R tincture is my first ever experience and I want to share my experience with people who are curious about Chinese herbal tincture. 

Remedies on Point

What piqued my interest


I first found Remedies on Point from Instagram and browsed Sara’s creation. Before Remedies on Point, I found some other tinctures but never dug deeper. 


One of the major reasons is I don’t use supplements. Also, as a layman, I don’t understand most of the herbs listed. I have no clue what it will do to my body. 


Not in a way that I am afraid it will harm. Just don’t feel the need to give it a try. 


I made the first move because I found Sara’s product video. She explained the results very clearly. 


A good rest and a calm mind are what I want, so I gave it a try. 


What I liked about the product  


First of all, the unboxing experience is very pleasant. What I love the most is Sara chose kraft paper cushion wrap, instead of plastic bubble wrap. 


The honeycomb paper wrap protects the glass tincture bottle well and is eco-friendly. I felt positive the moment I opened the box. 


Next, Sara provided a simple pamphlet to introduce her products. The pamphlet includes how to use the tincture and the ingredients. As a user, I don’t need to look up online again. 


As for the product itself, it tasted good. No kidding. 


Before I opened the bottle, I was a bit concerned about what it would be tasted like. I had many bittered Chinese powder medicine in the past. Thus, I was a bit concerned. 


That’s not the case at all. 


When I opened the bottle, the herb smelled great. No earthy smell. I liked it. 


When I tasted the first drop, It is a tiny bit sweet. Licorice root was one of the ingredients, so I can expect some sweetness. 


But I did not expect it to be tasting good. It is just natural and smooth. It does not taste like the artificial caught syrup.  


So for those who are concerned about taste and smell, please do not worry. This tincture smells and tastes great. 


How I felt after using the product


Although this product can be used at any time you need a calming mind, I only used it in the evening around one hour before bedtime. 


I don’t have an immediate sleepy feeling after taking the tincture and will do some average evening activities, such as reading a bit and watching a bit of TV. 


I don’t take this tincture every night, maybe 1-2 times a week. 


What I felt different is I felt I had a deeper sleep and was more energetic the second morning. 


I had a true test for this product when one night I quarreled with my husband and I slept in the guest bedroom. 


I took the tincture before the quarrel and sat in the guest bedroom for a long while to finally fall asleep. 


What the tincture helped me was giving me a sound sleep. Although I only had about 4-5 hours of sleep that night, I still woke up at my normal time and did not feel drained. 




If you want to have a calming mind and a good night's sleep, give Remedies on Point R&R tincture a try. It smells and tastes great. It helps me have deep sleep and feel energetic in the morning.