Acupuncture as a Treat - June 2023 Newsletter

Acupuncture as a Treat

When I practiced meditation with Headspace a while ago, the guide said,” For the first couple of minutes, simply appreciate the opportunity to sit down and meditate. Treat meditation as a treat.” 

That resonates with me. Also makes me think of why we don't treat acupuncture as a treat. 

Acupuncture is more than a cure for our illness. It is also for boosting our health. We can talk about acupuncture from the perspective of prevention. It is genuinely a treat. 

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Eastern Health Podcast Highlights

Podcast Episode: 2 Important Liver Functions and Their 3 affects in the Body

Hosted by Richard Lai, L.Ac.. at Study Acupuncture with Me

Dr. Lai is passionate about helping students and acupuncturists thrive. If you know someone who is preparing for the board exam, his podcast can not be missed! 


Study Acupuncture with Me


Podcast Episode: Entrepreneur and Practitioner

Hosted by Clare Pyers and Navva Carman at Heavenly Qi

Heavenly Qi is a conversation about all things Yin and Yang. This episode focuses on growing and scaling clinics.


Heavenly Qi


Podcast Episode: A Doctor’s Experiences at a TCM Hospital

Hosted by Dr. Wang Ju-yi’s official apprentices. at Dialogues on Applied Channel Theory

Applied Channel Theory (經絡醫學 jīng luò yī xué) is an approach to acupuncture rooted in the dual research threads of classical texts and modern clinical application. Developed by Dr. Wang Ju–yi over 50 years in Beijing clinics, hospitals, and research institutes, it involves the rigorous combination of theory and diagnostic techniques.

In this episode, Jonathan Chang talks to Dr. Meng Xiaonan about his experiences becoming a doctor at a TCM hospital in Beijing.

Applied Channel Theory


More than the clinic 

This month I’d like to feature Jing Fang Classical Institute, which has online courses, webinars, and conferences focused on understanding the classical formulas of Shang Han Lun (傷寒 論) and mastering the art of prescribing Chinese materia medica.

Jing Fang Classics