12 Fun Acupuncture-Themed Gifts You Can't Miss (2023 Update)

Do you need a fun acupuncture-themed gift? That’s one of the reasons Finding Joy started. No matter whether you are an acupuncturist or an enthusiastic supporter, We have more than a dozen designs that can be printed on many different products. Let these designs bring a smile to your face. 



A picture worth a thousand words. These fun graphics will encourage your patients and yourself.

Acupuncture Feels Relaxing

Acupuncture feel relaxing

Thinking of acupuncture, people tend to think of the injection needles and immediately don’t like the idea of pain. 

But an acupuncture needle is fine as human hair. Most patients will not feel a thing when a needle is inserted.

When I first saw Mark Wood’s balloon dogs talking about acupuncture, I couldn’t help to contact Mark to license his cartoon. 


Most acupuncture patients feel relaxed, like how the red balloon dog feels. 

A picture worth a thousand words. Get a chuckle and start a conversation more easily with your patients. 

Get Another Appointment

Get another appointment

Does your patient have commitment issues? Their condition improves but they can’t stick with the treatments. 

Let the cute cacti do the talking. 

Since acupuncture is working, stick with the treatment. Get another appointment. 

Dog’s Back Stops Hurting 

Dog's Back Stops Hurting Mug

Do you like simple graphic which tells a story? This design does exactly that. 

A few simple lines show the humor of acupuncture. Get this design to your vet acupuncturists and dog lovers.

Fun Healing Quotes

There are many great healing quotes. We select a few that have a hint of humor. After all, what sticks better than a fun pun? 

More than 2 Days

More than 2 days

We are used to instant gratification with the internet. You might even get 2-hour groceries delivered to your house, depending on where you live. 

How can anything take longer than 2 days, which Amazon Prime promises to deliver?

The human body is not Amazon Prime. 

Almost everything we long for requires patience, especially health.  

Don’t preach. Let humor does the magic for you. 

Adulting is Hard. Get Acupuncture.

adulting is hard

Some children are eager to grow up. Are you one of them? 

Now, you are a grown-up. Do you still like being an adult? With all the adult responsibilities? 

I guess sometimes we wish to skip a day or two for being adults.

We know that’s not possible. How about getting acupuncture instead? 

An acu nap will make adulting a bit easier!

Life is pointless without acupuncture.

Life is pointless without Acupuncture Mug

This simple design is a fun pun that shows the world your passion for acupuncture. Humor is the best communication. 

Bring a smile to patients, acupuncturists, and acupuncture students. 

Introverted but love to talk about acupuncture.

Introvert but love to talk about acupuncture T-Shirt

I am an introvert, so my energy gets low when in a large group. At the same time, when it comes to acupuncture, I can talk to anyone about my own magic experience. 

I sincerely want everyone to try acupuncture. 

Are you an introvert and passionate about acupuncture? 

This is the design for you! 

Life Happens. Acupuncture Helps.

Life Happens. Acupuncture Helps Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

We all know life is full of surprises. Luckily, we have acupuncture. This simple design can put a smile on your face, no matter what happens.


Do you prefer a little pinch of humor? Some subtle hints to promote acupuncture. We got you. The following two designs are subtle humor. You can promote acupuncture without the iky feeling. 

Happy Feeling after Acupuncture

Happy Feeling After Acupuncture Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Don’t you feel great after you get acupuncture? Even after one or two days of the treatment. 

Yes, this design capture that great feeling. Let more people enjoy the happy feeling after acupuncture 

More Acupuncture, Please

More Acupuncture Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

I got the inspiration from more coffee, please. 

Since acupuncture helps people get better, why not have a proud statement? 


Other than subtle humor, we have assertive humor too! 

Stop pleasing everyone. You are not Acupuncture 

Stop Pleasing Everybody. You are not Acupuncture Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Show the world the superpower of acupuncture. It helps everyone’s health issues. 

Acupuncturist has great points 


Do you need your patients and friends to listen to you more? This design is for you. And it hit the right points!


It feels a lot like I need Acupuncture 

It feels a lot like I need Acupuncture Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Do you want a design that can show your acupuncture pride during Christmas? We got you. This design will get your point across. 

If you like a design and do not see the design printed on a product you want, please reach out. We’d love to make it work for you.