Pet Acupuncture - all you need to know

Do you know your pet can benefit from acupuncture too? Yes, dogs, cats, and horses can relieve pain from acupuncture. 

You have more questions. This blog will answer most of your questions. 

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What conditions does vet acupuncture treat? 


For humans, acupuncture is commonly used for relieving pain and chronicle conditions. It is similar to our pets. Most pet owners seek acupuncture if their pet has arthritis, nerve, or metabolic disorders. 


What animals can acupuncture treat?


Dogs, cats, and horses are commonly treated with acupuncture. There are documents showing good results with cattle, rabbits, and elephants. 


So, if you have an uncommon pet and wondering if your pet can be treated with acupuncture, the best way is to seek a certified vet acupuncturist’s advice. 


How to find a certified vet acupuncturist? 


You can find a certified vet acupuncturist on the website of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society(IVAS).


Is my pet a good candidate for acupuncture?


Acupuncture might not be the best option for acute conditions. If unfortunately, your pet has acute injuries, it might be your best choice to see a vet first. If your pet needs long-term rehabilitation, add acupuncture to the regimen. 


Are there any side effects? 


For most humans who get acupuncture, it is rare for humans to experience side effects. It is similar to animals who get acupuncture treatment. 


How does acupuncture be used on animals? Does the needle hurt my pet?


For dogs and cats, your vet will encourage them to lie down. Before putting the needles in, the vet will soothe and calm your pet.  


The acupuncture needle is not an injection needle and is fine as human hair. Thus, it is unlikely your pets will feel a hurtful prick. 

Like some humans fall asleep during an acupuncture session, some pets also nap during an acupuncture treatment.

 rabbit and tortoise

How often do you need to get treatments?


It depends on how serious the conditions are and how long your pet suffers from the illness. If the condition is severe and hasn’t been treated for a long time, you might need two or three treatments a week. Once the condition goes well, you might need it once a week. 


How fast will you see an improvement? 

Generally speaking, you will see your pet become more energetic and less painful in less than five treatments. A month should be enough time to observe how effective acupuncture is on your pet.


How much does it cost?


Your location might affect how much it costs. One acupuncture session might cost between $60 to $100. 


If you are interested in watching a video, here is a three-minute clip from National Geography. 

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