Finding Joy from within - May 2023 Newsletter

Finding Joy from Within

These days I am trying AI tools to do practical things, such as bouncing ideas around. 

Here are a few ideas I got from Bing AI on how to find joy from within. It makes a lot of sense, actually! 

- Enjoy the sunshine
- Drink plenty of water
- Meditate and relax
- Appreciate the little things
- Smile and laugh often

Hope you have some time to step outside, take a deep breath, and enjoy summer.

Eastern Health Podcast Highlights

Podcast Episode: The Hormone Balance Pyramid

Hosted by Brodie Welch, L.AC. at A Healthy Curiosity

A Healthy Curiosity is hosted by Brodie Welch, who invites guests to talk about Eastern medicine. She invited Ali Damron, L.AC. to talk about how hormone balancing helps with our health

  A Healthy Curiosity

Podcast Episode: Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Hosted by Leroy Lott, Acupuncture is my Life Podcast

If you are looking for short podcasts providing Eastern health tips, Leryo Lott’s daily podcast will bring you fresh ideas every day. This episode of lemon water comes at just the right time. 

Acupuncture is my Life Podcast


Podcast Episode: Acupuncturist Interview with Katie Hale

Hosted by Katie Altnew, L.Ac. at Acuprosper

If you want to know more about how different acupuncturists run their practices and clinics, you can’t miss Katie’s podcast. She invites acupuncturists to chat about different focuses and ways to get a prosperous practice


More than the clinic 

I found a lot of acupuncturists who run other businesses outside their clinics. I want to spread the word and let’s support each other. This month I want to highlight 

Taming Paper Tigers: Acupuncture Documentation for Insurance Billing From Assessment to Outcomes by Katherine Binder, L. AC.

Is insurance billing challenging? If so, why not learn from Katherine’s course and textbook?

 Taming Paper Tigers