4 Dos and Don'ts to Give Gifts People Love

Giving gifts is almost an art. Gift givers constantly think about how to give gifts that people will love. Fret no more. 

We will share 4 Dos and 4 Don’ts on how to come up with a gift that the receiver will love. These principles apply to our beloved acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners as well!  

Let’s start with the dos. 


Do listen to the gift receiver

Think over the conversations you two have in the past few months. Did they mention something they need or want? 

Or they mentioned something about their future plan? Their life stage will change because they will graduate, move, or they just get a promotion? 

All these might give you some clues about what they might need. You can give gifts based on what they have told you.


Do ask them directly

Some of you might want to give a surprise gift. If that’s the case, this Do does not apply to you. 

If you want to give gifts the receiver really wants, maybe ask them directly. It is like asking for a dream list and helping your friend and family realize their dream. 

Another way to look at asking directly is like to ask for a private gift registry. Asking receivers directly might be the easiest way to give them what they want and love!

Do ask their friends and family

If you want to keep the gift as a surprise, you might ask the receiver’s friends and family. 

Did they know or hear anything the receiver might want or need? Or from their perspective, something the receiver might need or like?

If you prefer friends and family don’t tell the receiver, please let them know your intention. Also, if this friend or family member has a history of not being able to keep a secret, you might need to have second thoughts on asking them. 

think like them

Do think like your gift receiver

This is getting into your gift receiver’s shoes. If you were them, what would you like to have as a gift? 

A few different ways to think like them. 

First, what is their life stage? Are they 20 something who just graduated from college with student loans? Something that could boost their career might be a good gift. 

Are they new parents who seriously lack sleep? Maybe some prepared meals, house cleaning services will be deeply appreciated. 

Another way to think like them is to think of their hobbies or interests. Do they play golf or practice qigong? Are they pet lovers? Do they love to cook, or travel? 

Answering these questions might give you some clues of what they might need. 

Also taking into consideration is where they live. Do they live in an apartment or a house with a backyard? 

If you want to give a houseplant, a person who lives in a tiny apartment would appreciate a small, low maintenance, limited sunshine plant. 

A person who lives in a house with a big backyard might want something that can grow in the open space. 

Again, think about their life stages, their interests and hobbies, and where they live. You will find a lot of inspiration. 

experience as gift

Don’t forget about experience as gift

Physical goods usually come to the gift giver’s mind first. It is natural to think of a gift as something nice that we can wrap up beautifully with ribbon in a box.

Experience can be valuable and unforgettable gifts. For acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, maybe they are interested in Eastern Asian culture, language, food, martial arts etc. 

Maybe a stroll at an Asian art museum and lunch at an authentic Asian food eatery will be the most unforgettable gift you can give to your acupuncturists and TCM practitioners. 

pricer is not better

Don’t believe pricier is better

Does a high price tag equal to your sincerity? Not necessarily. First, your gift receiver might not know about the price tag. Also, a high price tag might bring pressure to some gift receivers because they will think about giving you something in a similar price range. 

Secondly, if you would expect more appreciation from your gift receiver simply because it is pricier. Maybe that thought itself is a no no to high price tag. 


Don’t over emphasize on uniqueness

When you think about giving gifts, it is normal that you think of something unique for the receiver. Tailor made sounds wonderful and so right for gift giving. 

At the same time, you should also remember that part of human nature wants to join the crow. Remember keeping up with the Jones? 

I am going back to houseplant as an example. Succulent is a popular choice nowadays. Why not go with the flow? A popular choice means there is tons of information out there for your gift receiver, quick and easy tips on how to take care of the succulent. 

Your gift receiver might already see a lot of succulents as houseplants and really want to jump on the wagon. 

stop overthinking

Don’t overthink

Do you remember a truly bad gift? Chances are, you don’t. You might receive some gifts that make you scratch your head, but you definitely appreciate the gift giver who put in effort, time, and money into a gift. 

Thus, you should have confidence that after you put into all the research, your gift receivers will appreciate your thoughts. 

After all, it is the thought it counts!