5 Occasions for Gift-giving to TCM Practitioners

You really appreciate your acupuncturist, who helps you get better with your health. 

You are really thankful to your traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, who makes your life so much better with natural and herbal treatment. 

You want to give them a gift.

But, when? You can think of the obvious, such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. Here are some less obvious and meaningful occasions for you to give gifts to the acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in your life. 

new life stages

New Life Stages

It can be graduation from an advanced degree or a training program. Your future acupuncturist passes their certification exams.

Your Chinese medicine practitioners move to a new location or they decide to retire from practice. 

Your acupuncturist welcomes a new member in the family or a close friend or family passes away. 

When their life changes, it is the best timing for you to show your support in their transition. A bouquet of flowers or a simple handwritten card would mean a lot. 

You can take it to the next level to think of something they might not yet think of. Such as some decorations when they have a new location. Or simply sending them a hot meal when they are too busy dealing with everything else. 

health practitioner holidays

Healthcare Practitioner Holidays

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day 

(AOM) Day falls on 10/24. National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) dedicates this day to increase public awareness of acupuncture and oriental medicine.It would be a perfect occasion to show your appreciation and support. 


Doctors Day

National Doctor’s Day falls on 3/30. Your acupuncturists and TCM practitioners are doctors and would love to have your support. 


Nurses Day

5 / 6 is Nurse Day. If someone supports your acupuncturists and TCM practitioners, it might be a good time to express your gratitude. 

Chinese Holidays

Chinese Holidays

Since your practitioners study and practice Chinese medicine, why not show them your support on Chinese related holidays? Here are a few for you to consider. 

Chinese New Year

Chinese in ancient times used the lunar calendar. Thus, the Chinese New Year will fall on different days each year. It is most likely to be in mid January to mid February. 

It is a time for celebrating a new beginning. Red is the color Chinese related to celebration and prosperity.  

Major Chinese solar terms

Ancient Chinese divided a year into 24 segments. These terms reflect season changes and different agricultural activities. The common ones are vernal equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox, and winter solstice.  

Since it is based on the lunar calendar, the actual day every year might not be the same. 

No need to worry about where to find the most updated day each year. Just Google Chinese solar terms. You will find the time period for a specific year.

1111 Singles’ Day


If you are familiar with Chinese e-commerce, November 11th is an unofficial holiday created for the online shopping spree. 

The number 1 looks like a bare branch, which refers to not being able to add “branches to the family tree.” Hence, it is single. 

Major Chinese online retailers will have good discounts around Singles’ Day. It is time to shop! If your acupuncturist and TCM practitioners are on your gift list, this might be the best timing to do so. 

healthy and earthy days

Healthy and Earthy Days

Acupuncturists and TCM practitioners are part of the healthcare industry. Also, herbal treatment is crucial in the TCM healing journey. 

Below are some healthy and earthy related days. You might find some inspiration for a great occasion. 

World Sleep Day

A good night's sleep helps people get better. It’s needless to say how important sleep impacts people’s health. So why not celebrate World Sleep Day with your acupuncturist? 

World Sleep Day falls on the Friday before the vernal equinox. 


Earth Day (4/22)

Earth Day is held on 4/22 to support environmental protection. It is a movement to take actions on caring for our environment.  


Herb Day (5/1)

Herb Day is an unofficial holiday created to encourage people to learn more about herb and use herb more extensively in daily lives. 

Since traditional Chinese medicine uses many herbs, it is the best time to celebrate with your acupuncturist and TCM practitioners. 

Mental Health Awareness Month(May)

In TCM’s perspective, emotions and physical health are highly connected. Five basic feelings are related to inner organs. 

Your understanding and support of mental health will resonate well with your acupuncturists and TCM practitioners. Get a calming and soothing gift to them to help release stress. 


Love a Tree Day (5/16)

It’s another unofficial holiday that celebrates the earthly nature! Give your acupuncturists and TCM practitioners a house plant. A touch of green will light up their day. 

World Environment Day (6/5)

It is a day for us to recreate and restore our environment. A great timing to do something environmentally friendly with your acupuncturist and TCM practitioners. 

any occasion

No Occasion

We mention a lot of holidays and occasions above. If you don’t find anything you like, no worries. Who says giving gifts must have a reason. Random kindness works perfectly to light up one’s day. 

Pick a gift or write a card to your acupuncturists and TCM practitioners today!