5 steps to write a patient encouragement letter to increase retention rate by 5%

Imagine last time you received a handwritten letter. How do you feel?

Warm and fuzzy? Feel encouraged, supported, and ready for your next challenge? 

Yes, remember that feeling, throughout the entire article and bring it to the letters you are writing. 


handwritten letter open rate 90%


If you are a number guy/gal, this piece of number will wow you. Email open rate is about 20-30%. Handwritten mail is above 90%. 

Harvard Business School did a reach and found that increasing customer retention by 5%, increases profit by 25-90%. 

Imagine your patients will stick to the treatments and come back to visit for prevention. That’s all traditional chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists would love to have. 

So, if you want your message heard, why not choose the media that works the best? 

Follow the simple 5 steps and you will be able to have a system to help you keep building connection and commitment with your patients


build your list to encourage patients revisit


Step 1: Build your list

Before you pick up your pen and cards, the first step is to have a list of who you are going to write. Here are a few ways to do this. 

Consider when you’d like to reach out to your patients. 

Here are a few timing

After their first visit, a short note of encouragement could bring them closer to you.

The improvement seems to be slow. If you or your patients feel the progress is not as fast as previously thought it would be, this is the best timing to reach out with personal encouragement.

Traditionally Chinese observe the seasons in 24 solar terms. Thus, when the season changes, it is also a great time to send a little reminder on what to do to improve health from within. 

To make it easier for you, make a list of patients you want to reach and make a note of reason for writing to them. 

Or you can focus on only one group of them at a time. Making it easy for yourself is very important for you to write regularly.

And of course, putting their address in the list would make it easy to complete the envelopes. 

Build template for patients encouragement letter


Step 2: Build your general structure and template

You understand the power of personalization. At the same time, you need to be efficient and effective so you can build direct relationships with more patients.  

So step 2 is to build a general structure first. 

Here are a few general components you could consider. Pick 2 or 3 components and write your template. 

  • Thank your patients for choosing acupuncture / traditional chinese medicine 

Thank you for starting your healing journey with us. 

I appreciate you choosing our practice to start your health journey. 

  • Be honest with the current challenge 

I understand you might not see the improvement / recovery come as soon as you wish. 

  • Suggest how the challenge can be overcome

One way to speed up is to increase the frequency to your visit. Another way is to add this herbal formula to boost qi flow.

  • Remind your patients healing take time  

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is a process to heal your body from within. It will take some time for your body to naturally work out the blockage. 

  • Add a call to action 

Please continue your healing journey with us. 


add personal touch to your acupuncture patient encouragement letter

Step 3: Add a personal touch

After you build your general structure, it is time to build the relationship a step deeper by adding a personal touch. 

What you can add?

  • A memory when the patient first start to visit 
  • An insider joke happens during the visit
  • Something the patient mentioned in the past 

If this is difficult to think of, feel free to skip. You are doing great to write an encouragement note! 

add a quote to encourage your acupuncture patients


Step 4: Use a quote 

Find a quote that fits the current situation to strengthen the encouragement and boost positivity. An inspiring quote would add a punch to the letter.

Here are some examples. 

  • Do you know there is a Chinese saying, sickness comes like a landslide, but goes slowly like spinning silk. You are doing great. Be patient.
  • Healing is an art. It takes practice, love, and time. 
  • Healing is a journey. You are on the right track!

If you like, add some twist and turn and make it your own. 


Take action to write to your acupuncture patients


Step 5: Call to action

Last step is to include a call to action. What do you want your patient to remember? To take action on? This is the time to bring it out. 

Some common call to action you can consider


  • Remember to visit us 3 times a week. Regular acupuncture sessions are crucial to stabilize the situation.
  • Please give our awesome front desk a call. She will find the best time for you to visit us.

If you’d like to see a complete sample, here you go.

Dear Rita, 

Thank you for choosing The Acupuncture Near You.  

I understand you feel frustrated the recovery is slower than you expected. Healing is not a linear process. Acupuncture improves your health from within. It would have ups and downs. Yet, we are on the right track.

We will make some adjustments in your food plan. It would boost immunity and speed up your body to heal naturally. 

Please continue the healing journey with us. Visiting us at least 3 times a week will stabilize the improvement.  Our team is here to listen and help!


Your Acupuncturist

See, it is easy! Now it is your turn! You want a bit more help or have questions. Please reach out to us at rita@findinjoygiftshop.com