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9 Gift Ideas for Acupuncturists in Your Life

Is giving gifts difficult? Yes, it has always been difficult to give gifts, not knowing the recipient will genuinely like it or think about how to regift right on the spot. :(


You have acupuncturists in your life and we are here for you. Here are a few gifts we believe will wow you acupuncturists and bring a smile to them and you! 


Scented hand sanitizer
  • Scanted Hand Sanitizer ($10 for 1.7oz)

Hand sanitizer usually has a bad name for the stickiness it left. Not this one. It has a refreshing citrus and woody scent. It will keep acupuncturists’ hands clean and hydrated at the same time. Getting ready to treat the next patients or just to call it a day. 




  • Succulent

Want to bring something green to an acupuncturist’s place? Give succulents a try. Succulents come in so many different colors and shapes. It creates a rich visual treat everyday. (Try Lula's Garden. Starting at $27)

Not certain whether your acupuncturists want to spend time to take care of succulents? How about artificial ones? No maintenance needed. ($19.99)


Meditation Time


  • Meditation Time

Healing patients takes a lot of thoughts, energy, and qi. Help the acupuncturists in your life to generate mojo from within. Give them some quality meditation time. 

I’ve been using Headspace for more than one year and it still inspires me everyday with new content, bed time winding down, focus music, gentle movement and much more. It will be the last app I delete from my phone.  ($12.99/month; $69.99/year)


loose leaf tea


  • Loose leaf tea


Once I heard a saying referring tea bags to tea dusts. To give a gift, maybe this is the best opportunity to level up the tea game? Loose leaf tea’s aroma is unparalleled. The ritual to take out the teaware, boil hot water, and wait for tea to brew is a beautiful process to boost up Qi!


Not sure what to choose from in the tea universe? How about this white/green tea sampler. ($19)



chinese food therapy


  • Traditional Chinese Food Therapy


You are what you eat. Why not level up what you eat everyday to give you energy and boost qi from within. This food plan will help you achieve your health goal and decrease time to prepare delicious and healthy meals. 


Our great friend Dr. Juli founded Radiant Shenti and has a collection of products to use the power of nature to heal and nourish body, mind, and soul. Her passion and knowledge will definitely warm your acupuncturists’ heart and “shenti!”  (starting at $99)


frame poster


  • Framed Poster


This simple and elegant poster provides humor and encouragement. What better way to encourage patients’ commitment and connection!  

Your body is not Amazon Prime. It takes more than two days to heal” ($28)


hedgehog sticker


  • Acupuncture Heals Stickers 

My personal favorite of Finding Joy Gift Shop is definitely our spirit animal, Mr Hedgehog. I firmly believe he is the best ambassador for acupuncture healing power. He is lovable and makes it easy for the message to spread out.  ($12)


affirmation card


  • Healing Affirmation Cards (Digital Download)


From time to time, we all need a gentle reminder on taking care of our health. Healing is not a linear process. These colorful affirmation cards will provide a perfect visual cue to keep working on health and healing! ($4.99)


a wizard of earthsea



This is my favorite fiction from Ursula Le Guin. The story is about a young, reckless village boy, Ged, transformed to be the greatest sorcerer in Earthsea. How Ged learned mastery by facing his own challenges really resonates with me. 


Not the least is … Ursula is the master of telling a story. I got lost in time reading this little book many times. I believe the acupuncturists in your life will enjoy a great story like this as well!  ($8.99 paperback)


Last but not least. If you want an entry level guidebook, I would recommend this one. 

Acupuncture Points Handbook: A Patient's Guide to the Locations and Functions of Over 400 Acupuncture Points