ChiChi Chocolate Review

chichi chocolate review

Name of the Product

ChiChi Chocolate 



If you are a chocolate lover and also want to follow traditional Chinese health regimen, ChiChi Chocolate is THE chocolate for you. 

Dr. Kerry Boyle, DAc, LAc, brings a team of herbalists, Chinese medicine practitioners, and chef to craft seven chocolates with different blends of herbs for sleep, energy, immune function, longevity, stress, meditation and movement. 

Each of the seven chocolates come with a beautiful design. The cover is a traditional Chinese painting with different animals. When turning to the back,  the opposite side of nutrition is the nature of the bar. 

After opening the package and removing the bar, you will see a beautiful painting on the left, acupressure points for its purpose, and the right is the element and symbolized animal. 


  • ChiChi Chocolate is created by Dr. Kerry Boyle, Jonathan Fleming L.Ac. and Jean-Luc Jenni, Chef
  • Currently ChiChi has seven different bars, including five elements bars, ying bar, and yang bar
  • Each bar comes with a beautiful traditional Chinese painting of a symbolized animal. The inside of each package includes acupressure points and introduction of the symbolized animal


  • Single bar: $7.99
  • Package of 5 bars: $36.99
  • Package of 10 bars: $65.99


recharge bar

  • reCharge Bar
    • White chocolate with traditional herbs for sleep
    • Fire element
    • Red phoenix
charge bar

  • Charge Bar
    • Dark chocolate (72% cacao) with traditional herbs for energy
    • Earth element
    • Yellow snake
a-choo bar

  • A-Choo Bar
    • Dark chocolate (72% cacao) with traditional herbs for natural immune function
    • Metal element
    • White tiger
change bar

  • Change Bar
    • Dark chocolate (72% cacao) with traditional herbs for longevity
    • Water element
    • Blue turtle
Chill Bar

  • Chill Bar
    • Dark chocolate (72% cacao) with traditional herbs for stress
    • Wood element
    • Green dragon
  • Ying Bar
    • Milk chocolate with traditional herbs for meditation
    • Panda
  • Yang Bar 
    • Milk chocolate (45% cacao) with traditional herbs for movement
    • Panda

Pros and Cons


  • Crafted by acupuncturists and chef

Chichi Chocolate is the brainchild of two acupuncturists and one chef. The creation is packed with fine chocolate and herbs. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and get the benefit of traditional Chinese herbal formulas. How awesome is that! 


  • Beautiful package with acupressure points and symbolized animals from Taoism cosmology

I can’t express how impressed I am with their beautiful packages. Each package comes with a symbolized animal from Taoism cosmology on the front, related acupressure points and story of the animal inside the package. 

You enjoy the chocolate, learn Chinese medicine and Taoism cosmology at the same time. 


  • Natural taste of herb and chocolate 

The herb tastes natural. It does not overpower chocolate. The chocolate leads the taste. You do taste the herb once the chocolate starts to melt or you chew on the chocolate. 

Chichi Chocolate team does a great job to balance the sweetness and herbal tastes. 


  • If you only want chocolate but no herbs

If you do not like any herb taste in any scale, Chichi is not for you. I believe the team does great to balance the chocolate and herb taste. You do taste the herb. 

  • Difficult to imagine how it taste like from the description

Chichi chocolate team did a fantastic job combining five elements, taoism cosmology, and traditional Chinese herbal formulas. 

But, just reading the ingredients is difficult to comprehend how it tastes. Of course, you can easily pick a bar based on the herbal formulate, such as for stress or for sleep. It is difficult to tell what it tastes like from what you see on the package.  


If you restrict the alternatives to chocolate with Chinese herbal formulas, I really can’t find other alternatives. 

Of course, there are chocolate bars blended with herbs, such as lavender etc. 

If you happen to know any other chocolate bars with Chinese herbal formulas, please let me know. I appreciate the information! 


I would highly recommend ChiChi Chocolate to any chocolate lovers and Chinese medicine supporters. With its carefully craft formula, beautiful design, and packed of knowledge, I believe Chichi Chocolate is great for yourself and your acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. 


I have no affiliate relationship with Chichi Chocolate. 

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