How much does acupuncture cost?

One question frequently asked is how much does acupuncture cost.

This is what a general and average cost might look like.

acupuncture price list


A few major factors are

Where is your location? 

It goes without saying, big cities in general cost more. 

What type of treatment are you seeking?

Is it a back pain? Cosmetic treatment? Boost fertility? Or it is for your pet? 

Do you seek treatment when you first discover your issues or you wait for a long time?

Is it an old flame or new love? You might wonder why this matters. It matters because it is likely to affect how frequent and the length of time for you to recover. The more often, longer you need treatments, the total cost will definitely add up. 

The clinic type

A more budget conscious choice will be community co-op type of clinic. You can search for “community acupuncture” to find out more. 

Although community acupuncture costs less, you get less private time with your acupuncturist. 

If you are more self conscious, do not want to share a space with a few other patients. Community acupuncture might not be your choice. 

acupuncture price list by treatment type

A few ways to save money on your acupuncture treatment

Check with your insurance company

Although more insurance covers acupuncture these days, the only way to be certain is to check with them directly. Give them a phone call or email. This is also the best time to ask what they would need to process a payment if they provide coverage. 

Check with the clinic on whether they accept insurance, FSA, HSA, etc

Other than checking with your insurance company, you would also need to check with the clinic you are heading to. 

Other than insurance, maybe the clinic accepts a health saving account(HSA) or flexible spending account(FSA). 

Some clinics disclose all these information on their websites. If you can’t find it online, an old fashion phone call would work. 

Ask for package rate

Because most of the acupuncture treatment would need a few visits, many clinics will provide a package rate. That means if you pre-paid for multiple visits, a lot of clinics will provide a discount for you. 

In general, you would need to commit for at minimal 3 + visits to be able to get a package rate.

Ask for discount

Other than package rate, many clinics provide senior, student, and veterans discounts. Don’t be shy to ask about these offers.

Ask for payment plan 

Last tip is to ask for a payment plan from your clinic. Some clinics are willing to work out an installment plan over a longer period of time to help you out. 

tips to spend less on our acupuncture treatment

Other factors to take into consideration 

Cost is definitely one factor to consider in choosing a clinic. Here are a few other non-monetary factors you might want to take into consideration. 


Because most of the acupuncture treatment will take a few treatments, whether the location is convenient for you is very important. 

Unless only a selected few acupuncturists can treat your issues, choose a clinic located close to your home, your work, enroute of your commute would make it easier for you to stick with the treatment and get the result you want.

You also know most acupuncture treatments need consistency. A convenient location will decrease your chances to skip necessary frequent visits. 


This is a factor not too often discussed. As a patient and a Chinese myself, I believe in serendipity, fate, destiny, or meant to be.

Sometimes you just trust an acupuncturist naturally and effortlessly. That X factor is not a thing you can google or explain. 

At the same time, trust is a crucial factor to build health. 

Acupuncture helps almost all symptoms and acupuncture clinics come in many different shapes and forms.  No matter if you have budget constraints or you, you will definitely find great practitioners to help you in your healing journey. 

The parting thought. Health is not an expense. It is an investment. Acupuncture will help your health grow. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 


Health is an investment. not an expense