Non Verbal Chocolate Review

non verbal chocolate review

Name of the Product

Non Verbal  



If you love chocolate and are a fan of adaptogenic herb-infused products, you are in luck. Non Verbal creates 5 chocolate bars with different Chinese and Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs. 


The founders created the 5 chocolate bars to wish your consumption with intention and to support you on a journey to focus, be calm, energized, resilient, and glowing. 

The full collection of 5 chocolate bars comes within a minimal design box. The package on each bar is also minimally designed. 

At the same time, the front of the package tells you what herbs are contained in each bar. The label at the back spells out how much mg of each herb is used in the chocolate. 

If you love modern and minimal design, chocolate, and adaptogenic herbs, THIS is the chocolate for you. 


  • Non Verbal is founded by Bobby and Deniz. They are passionate about herbal healing and created the company to support your journey in a balanced and grounded living
  • Non Verbal has 5 chocolate bars. They are Focus, Calm, Energy, Resilience, and Glow. All bars are 70% cacao, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar, and with different Chinese and Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs


  • Single bar: $15
  • Package of 3 bars(The top-selling trio: Calm, Glow, Resilience): $36
  • Package of 5 bars(The full collection): $60


non verbal chocolate review


  • Focus Bar
    • 70% single-origin cacao
    • Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar
    • Adaptogenic herbs: lion’s mane, cordyceps, mucuna pruriens 
  • Calm Bar
    • 70% single-origin cacao
    • Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar
    • Adaptogenic herbs: reishi, bupleurum, dragon bone
  • Energy Bar
    • 70% single-origin cacao
    • Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar
    • Adaptogenic herbs: astragalus, cordyceps, ashwagandha
  • Glow Bar
    • 70% single-origin cacao
    • Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar
    • Adaptogenic herbs: pearl, shatavari, he shou wu, lycium
  • Resilience Bar
    • 70% single-origin cacao
    • Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar
    • Adaptogenic herbs: reishi, chaga, astragalus, guduchi

non verbal review

Pros and Cons


  • It is a modern design that meets ancient wisdom

Non Verbal is the brainchild of two human beings with deep care of humanity, intention, and well-being. Their creation is a modern minimal design infused with Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. 


  • Each bar comes with a clear label on how much adaptogenic herbs contained

On the back of each bar has a clear label to tell you how much each adaptogenic herb is contained in the chocolate bar. 

Also, it is handwritten with the batched number and suggested enjoy by date. 


  • Light taste of herb and high-quality chocolate 

If you doubt whether you will taste the herb and whether herbs will overpower the chocolate, my take is no. 

The bar has a light hint of herb taste but just a little bit to me. If I were not told there are herbs, as a layman, I might not even notice. 

As a person who loves dark chocolate, I enjoy the bar as it has a high-quality chocolate taste and the herb does not bother me at all. I enjoy the bar very much.  


  • Plastic wrapping on the chocolate bar

Since this box comes with a note of “Please recycle,” I believe the intention is to use a more environmentally friendly choice of packaging. 

Before I opened each bar, I liked the simple packaging. When I open the paper package on the bar, each chocolate bar is wrapped in a plastic bag. Maybe there are reasons for this choice. It is just a bit of a surprise for me to see plastic bags. 

  • Difficult to imagine how it tastes like from the description

Non Verbal team did a fantastic job combining herbs and chocolate. But, just reading the ingredients is difficult to comprehend how it tastes. 

You can easily pick a bar based on the feature, such as focus, resilience, etc. It is difficult to tell what it tastes like from what you see on the package.  

  • High price point

Based on a single chocolate bar, the price is $15 per bar. Each bar is 2.12oz. That’s $7.07 per oz. 

To do a not apple to apple comparison, craft a single origin chocolate bar by Ritual Chocolate is $10 per bar (2.12oz). That’s $4.17 per oz. 


I might say Chi Chi Chocolate is an alternative to Non Verbal. They are similar in one way of combining Chinese herbs to their chocolate. But that’s where the similarity stops. 

Chi Chi incorporates Taoism and acupressure in their package. Non Verbal is very modern minimalism


I would highly recommend Non Verbal to any chocolate lovers and Chinese and Ayurvedic herb medicine supporters. 

With its carefully crafted formula, modern design, and clear labeling, I believe Non Verbal is great for yourself and your wellness-minded friends. 


I have no affiliate relationship with Non Verbal. 

non verbal review