The Qi | Organic Whole Flower Teas Review

the qi review

Name of the Product

The Qi Organic Whole Flower Teas


Acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners are no strangers to herbal teas. As there are so many different choices, the Qi stands out when it provides a whole flower as its offering. 


You will receive a whole flower in the bag. When pouring hot water over the flower in a cup, you will be able to see the whole flower opening up and dancing in the hot water. 


When you taste the tea, you know it is all natural from the taste and smell. Nothing is added to the flower. You will taste the natural sweetness in the teas.


  • Organic Whole Flower Teas (Thus it is vegan)
  • No preservative added to the flowers
  • No artificial ingredients & flavors
  • Single origin 
  • 100% hand picked and traceable



  • Shangri-La Rose $28 for 9 flower packets
  • Royal Chrysanthemum $32 for 9 flower packets
  • Blue Lotus $36 for 9 flower packets

blue lotus and SHANGRI-LA ROSE


  • Floral Tasting Collection $36 for 9 flower packets (including 3 Shangri-La Rose, 3 Royal Chrysanthemum, and 3 Blue Lotus)


Pros and Cons




  • It is one of a kind beautiful herbal tea


I need to be honest I am a sucker for one of a kind. When I first heard the Qi, I really couldn't stop myself from wanting to try it. 


Their website does an awesome job to show you how you can see the flower opening up in hot water. That makes brewing tea a visual enjoyment. 


  • You can taste all naturalness in the tea


The moment you open the packet, you will smell the natural scent from the flower. When you brew the tea, the natural scent grows richer. 


When you taste the tea, it is subtle and natural. You will be able to tell there is nothing else added into the flower. It is that simple. 


  • The Qi’s standard checks all boxes for people who support sustainability


The Qi’s standard is sourced from small family farms, sustainable sourced, 100% traceable. 


If you are people who care about where the product is produced, this is a product that checks all your boxes. 


  • Beautiful package with information you need 


The package is wrapped in tissue printed with instructions on how to make origami rose and paper rose garland. 


The box comes with beautiful paintings of the flower tea you are receiving. A peek through cut out allows you to see the flower before you open the box 


It also comes with step by step instructions on how to brew the tea. 

the Qi package


  • The price is steep

Price per packet starts from $3.1 to $4. Although each packet (flower) can refill 2 more times, (Total yield of 3 cups of tea at 0.4 oz each.) the price is definitely on the high end of herbal teas. 


  • If you need an herbal tea with more than one taste


As each tea packet comes with one single origin flower, it provides a full taste of one flower. If you are those people who want more layers of tastes, this is not the tea for you.



If we are only to find alternatives as a whole flower tea, I really can’t find any. If you happen to know any other choices, I would love to hear from you. 



As a person who loves the purity of tea, I highly recommend the Qi to someone who looks for subtlety and beauty. 


When you pour hot water into the cup, you will see the flower opens up and scent raises. It is indeed a great enjoyment. 

the qi flower tea



I have no affiliate relationship with the Qi. 


the qi package