New Friends - August 2023 Newsletter

I always wonder “where did summer go” every year. As it is August already, I have this familiar feeling again. 

It is a bit different this year. I started to have direct conversations with people who serve the acupuncture community since April and had many wonderful discussions. 

With so many great people I spoke with, I want to put Kuko audio journal by Ginny Tai under the spotlight. Ginny is passionate about traditional Chinese medicine and started to interview practitioners about TCM. 

Ginny is not a practitioner and she is open about the fact. This fact makes her audio journey/podcast approachable and conversational for non practitioners. 

For practitioners, Ginny’s audio journal would be great for your patients who want to learn more about TCM. 

But mostly importantly, I want to encourage everyone to reach out to your long lost connections or someone new in your community. It feels wonderful to speak with people who serve this TCM community. 

In case you don’t know what to say, maybe start with a podcast listed below. 
“Hey, I just heard a podcast you might be interested in! Give it a listen.” 
Let’s build a strong acupuncture community together. 

Eastern Health Podcast Highlights

Podcast Episode: The Heart & Small Intestine - Rachel Yeap


Hosted by Ginny Tai at Kuko Health


Heart & small intestine when paired together, it helps with clear judgment and decisions. 

Do you wake up in the middle of the night from your dreams? Or do you have issues with your vessels, tongue, or face? Then you might have an imbalance with your heart and small intestine! In this episode, we learn the importance of having these two organs balanced and what symptoms we might feel if they're not. I find it fascinating that it's our heart that makes the decisions not our brain! This completely blew my mind!


Podcast Episode: Guest Interview - Kirsten Wolfe


Hosted by Mandy Gratzer at the Acupuncturists Biz Hub


Kirsten provides world class education opportunities for TCM professionals interested in taking their clinic business to the next level. Typical coaching experiences offered by Kirsten include 1on1 coaching, small group coaching, KW Academy as well as workshop/seminar presentations & retreats.

Her story (that most don’t know) that brought her to Chinese MedicineWhy giving back to our industry is so importantWhat it takes to lead a team of 8 acupuncturistsWorking with heart and headMoney mindset, challenging beliefsNurturing practitionersTreating ourselves as the registered allied health professionals that we areWhat it means to be successful?And so much more!


Podcast Episode: Artificial Intelligence in TCM, with Zachary Lui

Hosted by Nicholas Duchnowski at Druken Acupuncture Podcast


In this session, Zachary Lui talks about how he uses artificial intelligence to enhance his acupuncture practice.

We discuss the current technologies that are available to TCM practitioners, how those technologies can be used in a clinical setting, and is this "cheating?"


More than the clinic 


I bumped into this wonderful natural healing focused book store, Red Wing Books. Browse the bookstore and enjoy the pleasure of discovering some books to your delight.